King Cake With Pastry Puff

French King Cake
  A French king cake is made with puff pastry and almond cream filling. A small porcelain toy(for luck) will be placed inside the cake, the person who gets the toy is considered to be very lucky.


  • Puff pastry sheets(enough to make 2 6 inch circles)
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1  egg
For the almond filling(1/4 of this recipe used for 6 inch cake)
  • 1 lb(450 g) butter
  • 1 lb(450 g) eggs(9 eggs)
  • 1 lb(450 g) sugar
  • 1 lb(450 g) almond flour
  • 3 oz(75 g) all purpose flour

  Learn how to make puff pastry here. Keep the puff pastry at room temperature. Cut the puff pastry into two
6 inch(or more) circles.
Almond Cream : Mix 1 lb of sugar with the eggs until all the eggs are incorporated. Add the butter and mix again. Add almond flour and all purpose flour and blend together to make a thick paste.
We will need only one fourth of this recipe for filling a 6 inch cake.
On top of one of the pastry sheets, fill the almond paste leaving about 1 inch on the sides. Add the past about 3/4 inch thick. If you have a porcelain toy put that on the end of the paste on any side.

Prepare egg wash by beating the 1 egg(do not make form). Apply this on the open sides of the sheet around the almond paste. Place the other sheet on top and press down the sides with fingers to lock them together. Apply egg wash on top and bake at 400 degree F for about 25-30 minutes.

Prepare sugar syrup by boiling 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/2 cup water and pour this over the cake after cooling down.

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  1. This is so new and looks awesome :)

  2. My fav, we do during the first week of january every year..

  3. WOW! Thats an absolutely yummy cake..Lovely pic!

  4. Wow. Huge fan of sweets. Personally for me, a person who loves to cook and bake in my kitchen at home,when using egg-based recipes, I use pasteurized shelled eggs. Especially when you have sunny-side eggs, (fried eggs,) raw cookie dough, anything to that affect which leaves some part of the egg raw. Only reason I say this is because I am concerned with what I eat,(yes I have a huge sweet tooth, but I workout and try to cook healthy,)and also look at those who I’m cooking for. With all these recent egg recalls, you can never be to sure. You should check them out.

  5. Beautiful "gâteau des Rois"! This is such a popular cake in the province of Quebec,and is traditionally served on January the 6th, to celebrate the Epiphany. The cake usually contains a bean and the person who finds the bean in their slice is crowned king.

    Anna's Table

  6. that's lovely and delicious, no idea of the taste bit appears good...

  7. Hi vrinda,iam coming to your home :) always you do post refreshing n ravishing recipes.Iam so pleased to see the cake ,exceptionally good.


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