Traditional Kozhikodan Halwa | Kozhikode Halwa | Calicut Rubber Halwa

Traditional Kozhikodan Halwa/Kozhikode Halwa/Kerala Halwa

   Who doesn't love a sweet and rubbery halwa? Especially true if you have visited Kozhikode and North Kerala. Kozhikode/Calicut has an entire street with stores selling colorful  halwas. Locally called Aluva, it is a made from flour, sugar and lot of stirring to a sticky/rubbery consistency and the mouth watering smell of cooked sugar and coconut oil. This is the traditional way of making it.


  •  2 cups of all purpose flour
  •  4 cup of sugar
  •  1 cup water
  •  1 tsp cardamom seeds, crushed.
  •  1.5 liter coconut oil(or vegetable oil)
  • dry coconut slices(optional)

    Mix the flour with 8 cups of water and leave it covered for a day. Remove the water from top and add make up the water again and leave it for one more day. Flour will start to ferment by this time. You may keep
it refrigerated on the second day to prevent over fermentation.
   Remove the water form top and filter out any lumpy portions from the flour paste. Heat the oil to 350 degrees and keep it aside. Boil the sugar with 1 cup of water and add the flour paste and cardamom seeds. Stir everything together and add the hot oil. Stir continuously on medium/high heat until the halwa separates from oil and starts to sticks together. Continue stirring for two more minutes and transfer to a greased pan and add the coconut slices. Cool down and cut into desired size.

Don't worry about 1.5 liters of oil, it will separate out and can be reused later. Cooking in excess hot oil is a key step in getting the correct consistency and finishing it faster.

This recipe was inspired by "Flavours of India" show by Lakshmi Nair in Kairali TV. Thanks to Lakshmi Nair and Kairali TV crew.
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  1. All your halwa recipes are simply amazing, very tempting pictures.

  2. Wowo wish i had ouple of slices from the delicious halwa.

  3. i think this is the easier one...actually it will take 2 days for the fermentation thtz the only issue but by that after all mixing z easy...really rich halwa vrinda...u know onething..lakshmi nair was my professor...she z nt only a wonderful cook ofcourse a good advocate cum professor cum good critic with a very ammazing personality...

  4. what a yummy delicious halwa dear.... hope it surely melts in mouth...

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  5. wow,this seems an easy version to try. Looks fab.


  6. This is super delicious :) but 1.5 ltr oil ah!!! that makes me slightly dizzy. But can compromise on all those for the super tasty sweet :)

  7. I was already hooked with u r green halwa and this is definitely food torture, Vrinda, How much I miss tthis fav of mine. wow..

  8. Kandittu sahikunilla,looks perfect and yummy.

  9. @Nitya, most of the oil will separate out and can be reused later.

  10. Superb delicious recipe. I am loving it.

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  11. Looks so delicious. Very lovely snap..

  12. Hey Vrinda, this looks awesome......hey one question though, how much water should b added the next day!!

  13. @Aruna - Add 6 cups of water on second day. First two days we are soaking flour in water, so you can always add more water.

  14. Dear any other option of oil can you suggest

  15. Any other option of oil can you suggest dear,,,?

  16. No Sharif.If u want the real authentic taste use coconut oil (The best healthy oil after olive)


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