How to make Khoya at home | Homemade Mawa Recipe

How to make Khoya at home

Making Khoya at home is so easy, but  bit time consuming process .On this Diwali I decided to make some sweets with fresh homemade khoya instead of store bought one. This was my 1st attempt. Don't try if you are multitasking in kitchen , need some time and patience to get the right consistency.

             5 cups whole milk


 Take 5 cups of milk in a deep nonstick
pan. Once the milk boils reduce the flame to medium-low. stir
occasionally and scrape the sides of the pan  .In 40 to 45 minutes most of the water evaporates from milk and milk will begin to turn into thick consistency with pale creamy granules. Stir in low flame, (Do not burn the milk)  till you get thick yellow khoya. It took me almost 50 minutes, still happy with the result.


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